Play Along - 10 tunes in varied styles

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As the title already reveals: 10 tunes in varied styles and rhythms, combined with some special playing techniques and ample attention for musicality. Available as complete hard copy, e-book or individual track. For Bb BC + TC and C BC, or horn.


  • book
  • parts
  • piano accompaniment
  • incl. audio CD with all tracks
    • demo
    • backing track
    • practice track

Available for:

  • Bb BC + TC en C BC
  • Horn F

Available as:


Listen to the different audio fragments below. These tracks are provided as practice track and at a slower pace.

01. Up Listen Purchase
02. Hibbe Dibbe Listen Purchase
03. Salsa Shoes Listen Purchase
04. Try This Waltz LIsten Purchase
05. Take Another Train Listen Purchase
06. Sailing On Waves Listen Purchase
 07. Right Foot Shuffle Listen Purchase
08. Caustic Valves Listen Purchase
09. Jogging Listen Purchase
10. Flowers Listen Purchase