This book reveals the mystery of playing a brass instrument.


It is an extension of the standard brass instrument techniques, and an introduction of new ones.


It will help you understand why some people play with great ease, and it will teach you what you can do to also get great results fast. 


This book is not a step-by-step guide: you can pick up at any of the chapters that suits best your needs. 


Each chapter offers a large variety of exercises with clear illustrations. The following items are covered:


  • How to warm up and cool down effective by using sfz.
  • How to use your tongue, and the importance of proper tongue use
  • How to play pedal notes, and why they are important
  • How to lower your tone without changing valve positions
  • Exercises to improve flexibility of the lips, and tips to develop a maximum comfort in playing
  • How to get to a larger reach, and hence improve your embouchure
  • Exercises that start with your personal experience and help you get comfortable playing high notes with ease to spare


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